Finding your new home has never been this easy or speedy!

How It works

Step 1

Browse our properties listings to find a suitable property

Step 2

Once you've found a property you like, click the enquiries button and complete the form as accurate as you can

Step 3

Your details get sent directly to the Landlord of the property who will review your information and get back to you with a viewing appointment

Step 4

Once you've viewed your property, you agree to the rental price directly with the landlord and sign the tenancy agreement. The landlord may request you to obtain references from us.

Step 5

Upon successful reference checks, move in to your new home !

Get SEEN First

The quickest way to reach the Landlord is through a direct website enquiry as per Step 2. If you are calling in, please have ready the Reference Number of the property you are enquiring about. Please make sure you leave a working email address as we email you when going to your viewing.

Frequently asked questions

My prospective Landlord has asked for references, what do I do?

We can handle the complete referencing process for you. Let us know the Property Reference Number and we will advise you on what documents are required.

Is there a referencing fee, and If so, who pays?

The landlord may conduct referencing independently so you will need to check with them directly.If the landlord has requested for us to conduct referencing, then yes. Our referencing fees are £99.00(inc VAT) for the first tenant and £49.00 (inc VAT) for all other adult tenants that will be living in the property. It is the tenant's responsibility to pay these fees however sometimes your Landlord may share the cost with you.

What If my references do not come back satisfactory?

After we obtain all references, we pass this on to the Landlord for them to make the final decision. If they decide to not proceed with your application, unfortunately you will have to look for another property.

Why would my references come back unsatisfactory?

Poor credit ratings and Country Court judgments against your name will affect your credit score which forms part of your references. We will advise you of any negatives on your credit report that may affect your chances of renting which you can then take up with the relevant person/company.

Does the referencing fee act as a 'holding deposit'?

No. Our referencing fees are payable to us and not the Landlord. If you would like to place a holding deposit to secure the property while you are being referenced, you need to negotiate this directly with the Landlord and make a payment to them. Make sure to get a receipt clearly stating whether it is a "refundable or non-refundable deposit, subject to referencing".